Chapter 12 – Page 16

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  1. Savail

    Dear Whatley,

    I now like you, too.
    Sorry Carter.


  2. Fiona

    It’s just so hard to take a guy seriously when he’s wearing a pink jacket with matching pink sneakers.

    • Elaine Corvidae

      I’m trying to decide what horrifying ensemble he’ll wear to their orphanage expedition. :)

  3. 4LS

    Interesting! Evil lab techs show some sign of of common sense! Rather than the usual ‘Let’s keep alive the project that’s most likely to kill us all’ method.
    … Well, assuming he IS actually talking about Tilly.

    • the iconoclast

      Yeah…I can’t decide who he’s referring to either. The looks on both their faces give me the creeps!

  4. Mal

    It can’t possibly be Tilly they were thinking of culling. Tilly? Why, her charming personality alone would guarantee her a place in their hearts. Add to that her wonderful potential as a bioweapon which cannot but endear her to any military laboratory she hasn’t yet destroyed.
    Veeery nice job on Whateley’s expression in the last panel. Actually gave me a chill which got past my amusement at his dress code.

    • Elaine Corvidae

      Who wouldn’t love Tilly? I’m sure she was the lab team mascot.

      And thanks! A wanted to put in a little reminder that Whateley can be scary too. ;)

  5. Snarkfest

    Bwahaahaahaaa… Take THAT, Tilly!

  6. Joanna

    And every page, I love him more :D

  7. Lurker

    lol… so they were going to cull Tilly? Hah, the irony!

  8. Fiona

    I thought Tilly at first, but then I wondered why Whateley would keep it to himself. Maybe it’s him!…but why?

    • Javcs

      If Whateley told Tilly that she was the planned cull, do you really think she’d take that in a manner that wouldn’t end in a bloodbath?

    • wright1

      I think he realizes her mind is made up; regardless of who the psychos in lab coats were planning to cull, she’s unlikely to believe the truth. He’s already decided she’s less stable than Carter and himself and is just playing along to keep dear Tilly on a somewhat even keel.

      Good luck with that, Whateley. And I mean that sincerely.

      • Hornet

        Given that last look, “at least until he’s run out of uses for her”.

  9. FoolKiller

    The same thought, and question, occurred to me. Perhaps because he was the best at “passing” for human, and thus potentialy the most dangerous?

    • Javcs

      No, Whateley was the “best at assuming other forms, other faces” – aka, best at shapeshifting, according to Tilly on 12:13:3.
      I think it was Carter who was the best at ‘being human’, or pretending to be.
      Tilly’s a little bloodthirsty (even by their standards) … and thus possibly too difficult to reliably maintain control over – and that would be a major problem just waiting to happen – you want to be able to control your weaponized eldritch horrors.

      • Elaine Corvidae

        “Weaponized Eldritch Horrors” will be the name of my metal band. ;)

  10. crowbar

    Love that evil smirk on Whateley’s face…it fits his personality perfectly. Just like the pink shoes.

  11. Mark Linimon

    Very, very, nice.