Chapter 12 – Page 17

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Discussion (8) ¬

  1. Karyl

    Love that environment–Silence looks so at home there, too.

    • Elaine Corvidae

      Thanks! I think it’s the only place he really feels at home.

  2. crowbar

    He looks like he’s about to jump off the bridge in the first panel…good thing Carter shows up. Silence is just too polite to off himself in front of a lady.

  3. wright1

    Every adolescent needs a place where they can brood, even when their lives are going well. Like Karyl said, this particular spot suits Silence. I don’t think he finds Carter’s company unwelcome.

  4. Cheops

    No, Carter. Not “time for himself” – his words were “time to be myself.” Which can make a big difference in this world. (Imagine Tilly saying “I had some fun being myself for a while.”)

    • Elaine Corvidae

      I don’t think any of us want Tilly to be herself for a while. ;)

  5. wright1

    So sorry to hear of your companion’s passing, Elaine. Please take what time you need; the Internet will still be here when you want to get back to it.