Chapter 12 – Page 18

And we’re back to updating twice a week. Thanks everyone for your patience while I built my buffer back up. As it happens, I’ve already needed it, since the unexpected death of my oldest cat put my creative endeavors on hold last week. :(

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  1. Tigershark06

    I know now’s not really the time for her to come clean, but man I wish she would!

  2. Fiona

    Condolences for your cat friend. I’m sure he had a wonderful life with you.

  3. Shaharw

    So sorry to hear about your kitty! It’s hard to lose a part of your family like that.

  4. Snarkfest

    I’m so sorry you lost your Elder Friend – I’ve got one who’s going to be 20 next month and I’m not looking forward to losing him sometime soon.

    Carter is a genuinely NICE person, regardless of whether she shifts shapes now and again or not. .

    • Lurker

      I’ve a feeling that that likeable trait of hers is going to get her into big trouble not long from now…

    • Elaine Corvidae

      Thank you. Beanie was only almost 16; I genuinely expected to get 20 years with him. But I will measure his life in joy rather than years, and it was truly joyful for us both.

  5. Karyl

    My condolences, it’s not easy to see them go when they’ve been part of our lives so long.

    • Elaine Corvidae

      Thank you. It will be odd not having him try to eat my stylus while I’m working on Riven Sol, but one of the other kitties is filling in as my office friend without chewing on everything, so there’s that.

  6. bukittyan

    My condolences about your cat. It’s hard to lose a member of your family.