Chapter 12 – Page 19

What are you getting at here, Silence?

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  1. Yumemi

    OHHHHHH! :3

  2. DeColuvj

    Language, Silence … !

  3. Shaharw

    Silence, you may want to think about this… Carter’s a great girl, but she’s also a tentacled horror from beyond! What would your kids look like?

  4. Tigershark06

    Nothing like a traumatic event to get you to cut to the heart of the matter here…

    Oh my, this is going to get complicated.

  5. Snarkfest

    it will be interesting to see if Silence continues to care for her once he DOES find out – I hope he doesn’t pull a Dr. Crusher.

  6. Mal

    Awww. That was just about perfect :)

  7. wright1

    D’ aww! And a nice way of being shown that Silence isn’t carved from stone. Though he has believable strengths and weaknesses, it further establishes his character.

    It sounds like he’s made up his mind how he feels about Carter. How she feels about him and what to do about it… Hoo boy.

  8. Karyl

    The difficulties of revealing a sexually transmitted disease pale next to revelation as a monster from outer space, don’ t they? Hoo boy indeed!

  9. Mary

    The difference in species is no barrier to love; her family wanting to eat him might be, however.

  10. von Corax

    I keep wondering: Has Silence honestly not noticed Carter’s prehensile hair in all the time he’s known her, or is he just being reeeally polite about it?