Chapter 12 – Page 21

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Tigershark06

    Only everything could go wrong with this! However I agree that she should be able to make her own choices here.

  2. Taurin

    She might have some splaining to do once the babies come along. “Hon? Remember how I said my family were foreigners? What I neglected to mention was that it was your UNIVERSE we were foreign to.”

  3. wright1

    Most of what could go wrong is summed up by Carter herself. But even as she gets one of the important things wrong, she gets one just as vital right. A very sweet, sadly foreshadowing end to the chapter.

  4. Snarkfest

    Ah, the downside of freewill raises it’s ugly little head.

    “Did the baby actually eat the doctor, or just wrap itself shrieking in protest around his face? “

    • Lunaroki

      “It’s kind of hard to tell. By the way, are doctors supposed to turn blue like that?”

  5. Karyl

    Only one baby?? somehow I’d expect a number of spawn, gaggle of gooblies, or whatever…. hah!

  6. Lurker

    People seem to be assuming that babies would be produced. But do we even know if … the procreation process is even possible anatomically?? I mean, they *look* like humans, but I don’t think their internal organs are anything remotely resembling human organs. (Carter, for example, said she can metabolize anything organic, which requires a completely alien digestive system for starters.) For all we know, Silence may be in danger of losing body parts in the attempt…

  7. rachael

    XD he’s got a really girly butt