Chapter 15 – Page 12

UPDATE: Riven Sol is temporarily going on hiatus, probably through the end of October. As much as I love doing the comic–and I do!–it’s a hobby for me at this point. Over the last year, I’ve gotten busier and busier with paying work (which I also love,) and right now that has to come first. I’d rather take a few weeks off than dash off some half-assed pages. :)


Are you sure you want to know, Silence?

Just a head’s up – I’m traveling a lot this month. I hopefully won’t miss any updates, but it’s a possibility, or they may be abbreviated like this one.

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  1. Karyl

    So something he’s been looking at for a long time and yet hiding from has just lined up in his head. Guess he’s going to gut it out with reality for at least a while.
    also, you’re missing an o in one “something”

  2. awhorl

    But wait! At this point what does she still remember? Her punishment is to be eaten alive bit by bit by her cyborg parts. What is left of her?

    Aaand she and her brother have been abused by Silence since the event–this sudden turn around doesn’t seem to include much of a rapprochement from her point of view. Questions, yes, but answers we may still have to wait for.

  3. Hornet

    W@hy does this remind me of D’Bruce talking to his crazy dad in BraveHeart?

  4. Gaisa

    spelling error: “smething”should be “something”

  5. wright1

    Poor Silence is down so far his enemies seem (potentially) more reliable than those he thought of as allies. Grim, yet plausible.

  6. Taurin

    Hiatus?! Do you know how much we pay for this comic? Exactly! Take as much time as you want without feeling bad. Life happens, we get that. Pay takes precedence over play.

    Actually, that’s a pet peeve of mine; readers complainig if the writer/artist of a free webcomic doesn’t post as regularly as they say they’d like to. “STFU! You’re getting quality art and story, or comedy, depending on the strip, and not paying a penny! Consider yourself lucky to get anything!”

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent, and we’ll see you when we see you. :0)

    • Lurker

      I agree. We’re getting all this hard work for free; it’s a privilege, not a right. The author has the full right to take however much time off as needed, and she has no obligation to feel sorry about it either. It really annoys me when readers complain about hiatus or slow updates or whatever, as though they had the right to say anything at all, having not paid a single cent for it! It’d be a different story if they *did* pay the artist/author (and maybe they should!).

      But anyway, Elaine, take however much time you need to get things back on track. The *real* fans will still be here when it’s ready. :)

      • awhorl

        In fact, thank you for bringing Silence et al out of their worst moments while you place your focus elsewhere (weelll, one guy still needs rescuing, but he’s pretty tough, and what’s a story line without unresolved danger?).

        Don’t promise nuthin–those hiatus weeks disappear so quickly! Gotta keep happy vibes associated with the process of writing!

  7. shaharw

    Enjoy your time off from the comic… We’ll all be here when you get back. Will we be seeing you at NANOWRIMO this year?