Character Profiles


Phillipé (aka Lipé) Howard has lived most of his life aboard Danforth Research Station, as the child of two researchers looking into the mystery of the Rift. Orphaned in his mid-teens, he was placed into an orphanage in the lowers. Unfortunately, the orphanage turned out to be a cover for a group of cultists conducting human sacrifice in an attempt to summon up something that they believe will end the war. Why they tried to recruit Lipé instead of sacrificing him remains unknown, but his refusal to cooperate earned him the nickname “Silence.” After escaping the orphanage, he decided to hide in the lowers, where most know nothing of his previous life. He is distinguished by a series of unusual tattoos on his face and hands, which are cover-ups for an  series of strange symbols tattooed on by the cultists.

  • Carter


Although “she” has taken on the appearance of a young woman,  Carter is in fact a shoggoth escaped from a government lab, where she and nine others were “grown” in tanks. She recently snuck aboard Danforth, avoiding the official checkpoints by taking on the shape of a shipping container. She came to the station under the advice of Kez, the eldest of her siblings. As for why Kez wanted to come to Danforth, even Carter doesn’t know, except that it seems to have something to do with the Rift.

Shortly after her arrival, a Medusa Guard seemed to sense her true nature and tried to capture her. Silence helped her hide from the guard, then helped her further by introducing her to Tuggle and getting her a job at the diner. So far, neither Silence nor Tuggle have the slightest idea that Carter is anything other than a nice–if weird–girl, and Carter intends to keep it that way.


Whateley is Carter’s sibling, and thus another shape-shifting horror from beyond. He came to Danforth hoping to meet up with her. Now that Kez is dead, he seems to believe that it’s up to Carter and him to discover why she wanted them to come to Danforth–and what they’re supposed to do next.

Whateley considers himself stylish, a judgment that is not necessarily shared by those around him. He prefers to reside in the uppers, and only goes slumming in the lowers when he needs to find Carter. Unlike Carter, Whateley views the humans around them with contempt, considering them to be lesser creatures. That said, he doesn’t appear to harbor any active malice toward them, either. His greatest fear is being returned to captivity in a lab somewhere; he has declared that he will be enslaved by neither humans nor Elder Things.


  • Medusa

Medusa Guard

The Medusa Guards are an official, station-sanctioned force, yet are outside of the normal station police hierarchy and report directly to the cultists. Their duties are unclear, other than they apparently spend at least part of their time rounding up indigent youth for sacrifice. Like the lab-grown shoggoths, they seem to be some sort of hybrid creatures, but their actual nature is unknown.


Tuggle’s daughter. Even though she wasn’t an orphan, she was grabbed and taken by the cultists. Determined to escape, she rallied the other teens, including Silence, and succeeded in freeing them. Unfortunately, during the escape she was forced to use a device that allowed her to “see the unseen,” and which consequently drove her mad. Subsequently, she’s able see the shoggoths for what they truly are, but her insanity ensures that no one takes her seriously.


  • Tuggle


Proprietor of Tuggle’s Diner. He owes Silence for saving his daughter Amelia, and seems to have a soft spot for girls in trouble.